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SPS Inspections, YOUR choice, for home inspection services around the Olympia Washington area.

My name is Jarrett Ferris and I am the lead inspector at SPS Inspections. We service Olympia Washington and the surrounding areas with home inspection services that stand head and shoulders above the competition.

SPS Inspections is working to bring the service back into the home inspection market with our client-centered inspection services: Get the home evaluation you paid for, customized particularly to your requirements & needs, and ensured by the inspection markets' most outrageous guarantee, the WE BUY YOUR HOME BACK GUARANTEE!

With this, we are only able to serve our clients to the level that we understand what we are doing is working for people. It is important to understand if what we are doing is in fact working so we can do more of it in the future.

If you might take an extra minute of your time today to comment below your viewpoint of, or what of worth you discovered on this page, this website, about this business, and anything you believe or believed while searching here you would GREATLY value, we would sincerely appreciate your efforts.

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    Comprehensive Residential Home Inspections
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    Pool & Spa Inspections
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    Move In Certified Inspections
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    Water Quality Assessment & Private Well Inspections
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    Mold Inspections
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    Single System | Ala Carte Inspections

We Accept All Cards

As an Olympia home inspection company, we at SPS Inspections make a point of accepting all card providers, e.g. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, etc. We also accept cash, personal check and online payments through Paypal and more for your convenience!


Great Experience

When you purchase home inspection services from SPS Inspections of Olympia Washington, you get more than just an inspector, you get a home inspector that cares about YOU. We make it our priority to provide you with the best home inspection services in Olympia Washington!


Skilled & Knowledgeable

Any home inspector at SPS Inspections completes rigorous home inspection training and testing before allowed to become a home inspector at SPS Inspections. After becoming a home inspector with us, SPS Inspections requires all of our inspectors complete double the required amount of continuing education every two years!

Home Inspections Near Olympia Washington

Olympia, our fine state's capital city and home to some of the states most beautiful and well traversed parks, and trails, and of course, what kind of community would it be if we didn't have an abundance of community gardens in and around the Olympia area!

The community spirit around Olympia Washington is so thriving and present that it is almost palpable! As a member of this local community, all of this energy has an effect of making you want to give, to support the community in whatever way[s] you can.

It was this idea, this contagious community spirit, which is the basis and foundation of this company SPS Inspections; provider of home inspection services near Olympia area.

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost

In terms of the prices of a home inspection, there are several different cost versions made use of by the majority of house inspectors.

Time - This model can be useful for some clients, yet you need to be careful as a bigger home can end up taking considerably longer for the inspector to finish with than a smaller house. This can have the unfortunate effect of increasing the home inspection cost to where you might not desire it to be.

Size - Some qualified residence inspectors charge their clients based upon the size of the home to be checked. All calculations are done utilizing the complete square feet of the house, increased by some base multiplier, let us say .175 for the Thurston County region. With this multiplier, a residence with 3,000 square feet would cost the homeowner approximately $525 to have a full, comprehensive home inspection near Olympia Washington.

Combination - The 3rd and last cost model we will discuss would technically be taken into consideration to be a mix of the various other home inspection fee schedules. Blending is additionally the technique SPS Inspections uses when figuring just how much to bill for home inspection solutions provided a details residential property.

This specific technique integrates the age of your house with travel distance and dimension of the home.

Each one of these 3 pieces of info has its multiplier, which is put on the numbers accordingly. Once a total figure has been determined for the residential property numbers computed, this number is added to a base service rate to obtain the total cost of your home inspection services.

What is a Home Inspection

As a licensed home inspector in Thurston County, part of my job consists of educating our clients and the public about what a home inspection is! The Non-Invasive assessment of the accessible areas of a residence is what the definition of a home inspection boils down to. This evaluation is to be executed for a cost, as well as custom-tailored to determine whether there are any identifiable problems within a particular system or part of the home.

The Standards of Practice observed and considered material by the certified inspector to establish which systems and also parts your assessor includes. The client and inspector may customize the range of services to perform before the job starts. Included in each and every inspection service we provide in the South Sound will be a complete and comprehensive inspection report detailing the information that was learned during the physical inspection process, presented in both graphical and written form.

For SPS Inspections, giving our clients the most effective top quality Puget Sound home inspections is essential to our examination process. We pride ourselves in providing client-focused, tailored inspection services which stand above all home inspections near Olympia! If you are a resident of Washington State looking for one of the best home inspection companies around the Puget Sound region.

Keep in mind that by definition, a home inspection is a non-exhaustive and non-invasive assessment of real property; there will undoubtedly be areas and also particular components of systems or parts that are entirely unattainable. For each system we can not reach or see, there will undoubtedly be signs and evidence pointing towards whatever it is the issue is. And so in the fashion of Sherlock Holmes, a good home inspector can deduce unseen problems by using the evidentiary information all around the home!

Do I Need a Home Inspection

For many people, when you think about a "home inspection," the initial point that typically enters your mind is a residential property available, or a person remains in the procedure of buying a home, right? If you had stated yes to this, you would certainly have been correct! This is not the entire tale, though; home evaluations may be inherently linked to the purchase and also the sale of real estate, but are not always so.

Even within the Puget Sound Region of Washington State, there are ample opportunities for residential home inspectors. Inspection services do not stop with the acquisition or sale of a property. Instead, there are sufficient possibilities as well as services that can be provided by your local Puget Sound residence inspector above and beyond purchase and sale type transactions.

SPS offers several solutions beyond dealing with home purchasers and also vendors. A selection of these solutions consists of yet is not limited to the pool as well as health spa examinations, roof service warranty assessments, yearly residence examinations, and also new construction guarantee evaluations, among others.

If you believe that your residence or one of its systems might need an examination, please do not hesitate to give SPS Inspections a telephone call at (360) -688 -3069 ext 1 to speak with a fully licensed home inspector.

If you are stressed over a particular system or component becoming unruly and creating problems in your house, SPS is continually more than happy to talk to you in-person or over the phone, regarding any issues you may have in your home.

The South Sounds own, SPS Inspections will always provide you with our honest and real point of view, derived from experience, as to whether we believe an evaluation of your property would be beneficial for you now, rather than waiting a few more years before having your house inspected.

Make SPS your Go-To South Sound Home Inspection Provider

SPS Inspections is becoming a staple home inspection company within the Olympia Washington community. Providing the highest quality in our home inspection services, and doing so in a timely, efficient manner has allowed for the recent explosive growth of this locally owned home inspection business.

Licensed. Insured. NACHI Certified.

Lead inspector and entrepreneur Jarrett Ferris has taken this company from essential non-existence and in under six months, built and guided SPS Inspections into the community-centric, client-focused, inspection services tailored specifically to each client kind of company that it is today.

SPS Inspections of Olympia will always be there for those who have trouble helping themselves. Every year we give back 4% of all inspection service fees to different charities and volunteer organizations around the community.

This is just one of the many ways that SPS Inspections contributes to giving back to, and thanks to the community that unites us all.

All home inspectors at SPS Inspections are required to keep consistent and up to date on their state inspection license, certifications, and home inspector insurance. We make sure to do all this to give our clients as much peace of mind as possible.

We understand the difficult times you might be having while trying to buy or sell a house. SPS Inspections will do everything we can to make life just a little bit easier for you when it comes time for the inspection!

Have The Home of Your Dreams Inspected by SPS Inspections - Your Choice forHome Inspections Near Olympia Washington

Why should you hire SPS Inspections to inspect something as important as your new home you ask? Because we are not in it for the money. My name is Jarrett Ferris and I began SPS Inspections as a way to help others and be able to give back to the Olympia Community I love so much - Which we take a step towards accomplishing through quarterly donations to different charities around the South Puget Sound communities! On top of this, ALL FIRST RESPONDER PROFESSIONS receive 5% off of their total home inspection costs


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